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Welcome to a sanctuary of holistic well-being and spiritual growth. Discover the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Explore the realms of herbs, yoga, natural therapies, and spiritual development through our carefully curated content and transformative online workshops.

Step into a realm where ancient wisdom meets contemporary insights, where self-care merges with soul-care. This is your haven for holistic enrichment and spiritual awakening.

  • Discover nature's apothecary.

  • Explore your innate spiritual self.

  • Connect to your body's wisdom with our yoga.

  • Nurture yourself holistically with our therapies.

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Learning to heal ourselves is how we help others.

Learn Raindrop Technique


Immerse yourself in the art of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Recreational Raindrop Technique Workshop.

Discover the transformative magic of essential oils as they rain down along your spine, fostering deep relaxation and balance.

Guided by our certified expert, this workshop will teach you the therapeutic applications of Raindrop Technique, promoting a sense of renewal and well-being.

Join us for a virtual journey of aromatic bliss and holistic harmony.

Complete Chakra Balancing


Embark on a journey of energetic alignment with our Chakra Balancing Workshop. Led by our experienced practitioner, you'll explore the subtle energies within you and learn techniques to harmonize and invigorate your chakras.

Dive into the world of energy healing, uncovering the profound impact of balanced chakras on your holistic well-being.

Join us online to awaken your inner vitality and embrace a path of energetic equilibrium.

Learn Hot Stone Massage


Would you like to nurture yourself or your family & friends when they are in times of need?

Indulge in the soothing embrace of our Recreational Hot Stone Massage Workshop. From the comfort of your own space, experience the blissful combination of heat and therapeutic touch as guided by our expert instructor.

Learn the art of utilizing heated stones to release tension and promote relaxation. Join us online to immerse yourself in the warmth and rejuvenation of hot stone massage, nurturing both body and soul.

Nat Mann

20 Years of Certified Experience

Introducing the Spiritual Herbalist, a passionate practitioner & forever student of holistic well-being and spiritual growth. I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards profound healing and self-discovery.

Through years of passionate exploration, I have cultivated a unique blend of expertise, combining the therapeutic power of herbs and essential oils, the serenity of yoga, the depth of meditation, and the transformative touch of various healing techniques.

Join me on this transformative journey, as we delve into ancient wisdom and modern insights to embrace holistic well-being and spiritual elevation.



Guided by my passion for natural healing, I proudly hold a certification in Aromatherapy. Through in-depth studies, I've unlocked the profound potential of essential oils, harnessing their therapeutic properties to enhance physical and emotional well-being. My expertise in aromatherapy translates into personalized healing journeys that elevate the senses and nurture the soul.


Rooted in personal dedication, my Meditation certification reflects a profound journey of self-discovery and inner reflection. Equipped with a diverse range of meditation techniques, I guide individuals toward mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional balance. Through my teachings, I empower others to navigate life's challenges with clarity and serenity.


My journey into the world of Herbalism has been a labor of love. With my certification, I've cultivated a deep connection to the plant kingdom, discovering the art of creating natural remedies and infusions that support holistic health. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern insights, I'm dedicated to empowering others on their path to wellness through the gifts of nature.

Hatha Yoga Diploma

As a certified Hatha Yoga practitioner, I embody the harmony of mind and body. My training has equipped me to guide others through transformative yoga sessions that focus on balance, strength, and mindfulness. With each practice, I inspire individuals to embrace their physical and mental potential, fostering a profound sense of well-being.

Aroma Yoga

My Aroma Yoga certification signifies a fusion of two passions - essential oils and yoga. Through this unique combination, I offer enriching yoga experiences that engage the senses on a deeper level. By integrating essential oils into yoga practice, I facilitate a journey that transcends the physical, allowing practitioners & individuals to connect with their inner selves in a truly holistic way.

Chakra Balancing

With my Chakra Balancing certification, I've honed the art of energy alignment and holistic healing. By working with the body's energy centres, I offer transformative experiences that promote emotional equilibrium and spiritual connection. My expertise in chakra balancing empowers individuals to embrace their full potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Ancient Tibetan Reflexology - Vita Flex

My journey with the Tibetan Vita Flex Technique has deepened my understanding of reflexology and acupressure. Through this certification, I offer healing touch experiences that stimulate vital energy points and promote holistic well-being. With each session, I connect with the body's innate wisdom to facilitate healing and relaxation.

Raindrop Technique

As a certified practitioner of Human & Animal Raindrop Technique, I've honed the art of nurturing yours or your animals' well-being. With specialized knowledge and care, I provide a unique experience that supports physical and emotional health. Through this certification, I bring holistic healing to our beloved families & animal companions.

Egyptian Emotional Clearing

This technique is truly amazing and has taught me so much about our Soul's innate desire for spiritual development. With a focus on emotional well-being, I've delved into ancient techniques to release blockages and foster emotional equilibrium. Join me to navigate the landscape of emotions and embrace a path of healing and empowerment.


Jen Lyddiard

NSW, Australia

Nat is an outstanding teacher, massage therapist and genuinely kind person. What a blessing that she can provide this service.

Lisa Debuck

Queensland, Australia

Natalie is an amazing teacher. She has so much wisdom to share and does this with care and compassion for her students. She will inspire you and encourage you every step of the way.

Bridgette Smurthwaite

United Kingdom

I am based in the UK & have loved completing the online studies with them. They are very thorough in their training, always there to help. I find them extremely honest, open and professional. A business built around helping others.

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